Ghosts. Lite
Your blood will run cold, dear readers! But don’t be too scared, it’s still an entertaining story of ghosts, lost souls and beliefs of ancient people
Ghosts. Lite

Ghosts. Lite

The most terrible, disturbing and sinister book ... That will keep your attention and let you see a bunch of spectacular ghosts and creatures, learn tones of curious facts.
Do you believe in ghosts and want to take a look into the underworld? This book is a message of the dead, it will help you cross the border of the visible world and find yourself on the same side with ghosts.
A gloomy disturbing atmosphere, dark rooms, a fog logged ancient cemetery, pages of an ancient book, objects that keep many secrets.
A faint odour of the past and mysterious echoes ... Prints of images everywhere, ghostly shadows ...
Who are they, why do they come, what do they want? .. We fear what we don’t understand. They are waiting for you, they want to tell you something.
Welcome to the underworld.


  • the text and illustrations are created by a talented author, sound is produced by professional sound engineers
  • the participation effect is achieved by a realistically depicted setting and an opportunity to control the events;
  • the book contains real historical records and documents;
  • no monsters or beasts! only a constant feeling of anxiety and uncertainty.


Ghosts. Lite