Pick & Fun. Joyful game for children.

If you are looking for an interesting and an educational game for your child- this is just what you need. Merry fussing with brightly coloured characters will make your child happy, and the game rules will develop his/her logics and mental aptitude.

How to play “Pick & Fun”? You should choose one of the cute characters (knight, mermaid, princess or another character) and correctly put it together using three different fragments. After that, choose the appropriate background and items. At first view, this may seem a difficult task, but a nice Bunny shall take care, so that your kid would be able to easily understand the game rules and enjoy it to the full. Professional artists and designers worked on the application, and the music was composed specially for this game.. The function of parents’ control is available. The universal application works on Ipad, Iрhone and Ipod touch, it is designed for children of any age, including babies (age 0 up).